When can I use neck pillows for travelling?

When can I use neck pillows for travelling?

I know it sounds somewhat ironic after reading the title. But not many people know the application areas of neck pillows. Therefore, in this post, I will be telling you where and how you can use neck pillows for travelling.

When and where can I use a neck pillow?

1. When travelling

This seems too obvious, right?

When travelling, you want to remain as comfortable as possible throughout your journey. Therefore, it is advisable to have a neck pillow to support your neck whenever you fall asleep.

use pillow when sleeping

This will prevent or reduce your chances of getting neck pains and backaches when sleeping in your flights or even when travelling in a train.

If you don’t have one yet, it is time to arm yourself so that can start enjoying your sleep when travelling.

2. When working at your computer

Since the incoming of technology, people have been so much connected to gadgets than to other human beings.

Every time you look around you will notice, more than one person glued to their computers. It is not a bad thing since I totally understand that as technology improved, most activities go online not forgetting businesses.

wear pillow when typing

By 2050, more than 60% of businesses will be online fully or some of its sections will be operated from the internet. This is a good sign and the major reason why everyone is glued to his or her computers.

Now that we know why people are always on their computers, let me now tell you why you need a neck pillow. When using your computer, tablet or even mobile phone, you usually bend your neck downwards.

If done consistently, this might cause a serious bend of the upper part or your spinal cord that connects to your neck.

Using a neck pillow when at your work desk helps you hold your head and neck in the correct position hence preventing any neck pains that might result in a serious hazard.

3. When camping

When I want to get a clear space where I can read and/or come up with great business ideas, I usually go for camping. But I realized that when in the fields, there is no effective place to place my books and sit in a good position.

The tents too are usually small enough to allow me to stretch or sit upright. So at the end of the day, I might be having neck or back pains because of bad sitting positions.

camping pillows

All that changed when I decided to buy an Ostrich travel pillow that comes in different varieties and shapes. I go nowhere without the pillows. So whenever I was to read, I just pull out the most appropriate one that compliments my sitting posture.

If you need the best neck pillows for travelling, I can guarantee you that there are a good number of them online. You just need to take your time and find them.


Different types of pillows have different places and ways of application. From the title, you can easily tell that most of what we are going to see in this post will be about the best neck pillows for travelling; but they are not just limited to that. Some pillows also work as anti-snoring aids, so you just have to look for what works best for you.


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